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We heart liberal arts

There’s a study out called “The Value and Impact of the College Experience.” It reports good news about the liberal arts and sciences—things we already knew—but it’s fun to have a chance to crow about it.

“On virtually all measures known to contribute to positive outcomes,” says James H. Day of Hardwick Day, a higher education consultancy firm, “graduates of liberal arts colleges rate their experience more highly than do graduates of private or public universities.” The study was commissioned by the Annapolis Group, a consortium of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges, of which Denison is a member, and it turned up facts like this:

  • Liberal arts graduates are more likely to have found a mentor while in college.
  • They are more likely than any other group to have graduated in four years, giving them a head start with their careers.
  • They give higher overall satisfaction ratings than any other alumni group, and they more often credit the quality and breadth of their academic preparation.
  • They report that their education continues to help them with career advancement and career changes.
  • And they believe they are better prepared than graduates of other institutions they’ve encountered since college.

And while you’re thinking about that, here are some photos of the first day of classes. Have a great year, Denison.

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