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In theatres near you: Steve & Jen

Jennifer Garner ’94 and Steve Carell ’84

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, you can catch two of Denison’s Hollywood A-listers on the big screen. Steve Carell ’84 stars in Hope Springs alongside Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep. Carell plays Dr. Feld, a counselor who spends a week trying to help a couple breathe life into their 30-year marriage. Be prepared for a new side of Carell—although the film is billed as a comedy, Dr. Feld is a far-cry from The Office‘s Michael Scott.

If it’s fantasy you’re after, Jennifer Garner’s new flick, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, opened yesterday. In the Walt Disney film, Garner ’94 plays Cindy Green, a woman hoping to conceive a child with her husband (played by Joel Edgerton). When the couple is told that they’re unable to have children, the Greens take slips of paper and write down all the qualities they’d hoped for in a child. They then bury those notes in a box in the backyard. A beautiful 10-year-old child arrives the next morning, covered in mud, and seemingly having grown from their dreams. This special child not only changes the Greens, he changes the whole community.

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