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We're moving our new stories to Denison.edu, the college's super-sweet mothership. Over time, we'll be moving some of our best past stories from TheDEN over there too. In the meantime, we've made available an archive of all stories here. This archive will be available for a few months before this site is permanently shut down. See you at Denison.edu! - June 2016

Hot off the press

Denison Magazine was printed yesterday, which means it’ll soon be on its way to Denisonians everywhere. What’s to come?

Look for expert opinions on the future of energy policy, check out a story by faculty member Jack Shuler on the Orangeburg Massacre, which took place in his hometown in 1968, and read a thoughtful and in-depth look at the role Christianity plays in American politics today.

And if all that feels a little heavy, you’ll also be getting stories about a professor and his director son who are shopping their new sci-fi film around to all the major festivals this fall and a look at a couple of new neighbors in Granville, including a few eaglets and a beautiful bug with an ugly side.

Oh, and just for fun: The magazine also gives readers a look at the academic year—through student Twitter messages.

There’s plenty more, so keep an eye out for the latest issue, and don’t forget to tell the staff what you think by sending an email to denmag@denison.edu.

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