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Nine by nine

Senior interns curating the variety show from the Denison Museum's collections are, from left: Front - Chelsea McGill, Victoria Stearns, Katie Browne, Nozomi Onishi, and Kate Westenberger; Back - Hannah Miller, Melissa Grannetino, Clara Fecht, and Akeem Costa.

Imagine yourself in an Aladdin’s cave filled with treasures. Now imagine that you’re presented with a choice—select a single precious object from the thousands around you.

Nine senior Denison Museum interns were presented with that challenge when they were offered the chance to curate their own show from the museum’s collections.

Personal experience, not monetary value, dictated their choices. Each student selected an object that they had interacted with during their time as interns at the museum. And the artifacts they chose came from around the world: a mola from Panama, bronze bells from Nepal, and a Rockwell Kent print from the United States, just for starters.

The stories behind each of their choices are as varied as the objects themselves. For example, recent grad Melissa Grannetino, an art history and sociology/anthropology double major from Hudson, Ohio, has a funny tale about why she opted for a print by Salvador Dali. Well before she came to Denison, Grannetino and her mother were on vacation in Florida, looking for a little culture, when her mother saw an advertisement for the Dali museum in St. Petersburg and suggested they visit. Grannetino’s reply exemplifies the difficulty of the English language: “Why on earth would I want to visit a dolly museum?”

She still laughs about it, but they went to the exhibit, and that day saw Grannetino’s awakening to the cultural value of art—and it’s an insight that continues to grow. The art history and sociology/anthropology major describes her experiences at the Denison Museum like this: “Everyday that I came to the museum I got to renew my passion for art and learning, and I got to see it realized in others.”

The Intern Variety Show exhibition at the Denison Museum will be open during Reunion Weekend, June 1-3, from noon to 4:30 p.m. The museum is located in Burke Hall of Music and Art located on the college’s Fine Arts Quad at 240 West Broadway in Granville.

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