Going back to give back

Dee Salukombo ’12 and Sarah Torrens prepare books, computers, and other educational supplies for their long journey to Kirotshe in the Congo.

If you follow TheDEN or DenisonBigRed.com, you know about Makorobondo Kamongwa “Dee” Salukombo ’12.

Now the world knows about him, too, because on Friday, the Associated Press wire service published a story by Rusty Miller called “So many angels have guided this runner’s journey.” Over the last several days, under various headlines, that story has been published by hundreds newspapers and websites practically everywhere, including Sports Illustrated’s SI.com.

It’s a lovely telling of Salukombo’s life so far, his relationship with his coach’s family, and the next journey he has planned: to return to his home village in the Congo, with help in hand.

Go ahead, click on it. This will brighten your week.

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