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Where’s your nook?

It’s that time of year again. Daffodils are sprouting around campus. The weather is alternating between its lion and lamb personas. And the students are planning spring break trips for next week. But before they can head out to relax or launch into service projects, they have some work to do. Midterms are in full swing and students are scattered about campus—noses in books and fingers typing away.

We got curious about students’ favorite study spots, so we took an ultra unscientific poll to find out where they like to hit the books.

Answers seem to cover all areas of campus. Quinn Bartlett ’13, an athletic training major from Philadelphia, likes to work in his room, while Austin Vanco ’14, a sociology/anthropology major from Twinsburg, Ohio, much prefers a spot in Slayter pit. Sarah Bonti ’13, a psychology and educational studies double major from Westport, Conn., likes natural light, so she parks herself beside the windows in Talbot.

And if you’re looking for Alex Rollins ’14, a biology major from Nashville, during crunch time, you’ll have to search the library, which seems to be a pretty popular option among students. Rollins says you have to come early to find a secluded spot.

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