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Laura Wilson ’14 with her father Doug

Fun Fact: Laura Wilson ’14 and her family, including sister Sarah ’09, appeared earlier this week on the Family Feud with Steve Harvey. And believe it or not, Wilson’s family has a history with the game show. Their father, Doug Wilson, appeared on the show in 1985 and lost—horribly. It was so bad, in fact, that the Wilson family whips out the video of the show every Christmas for a night of family teasing and entertainment.

So this summer, just for fun, the Wilsons went to L.A. (they live close by) to try out for the game show—and the folks at Family Feud loved them.

Next, they flew off to Atlanta to tape a series of three shows. During taping, the over-thinking Wilsons were told, “Don’t be so cerebral, it’s a simple game.” And Wilson’s dad redeemed himself by winning the game each time—in fact his nickname backstage became “Stone Cold Wilson.”

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