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A new way to celebrate King Day

The new Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial (Photo: Flickr user brownpau)

Denison’s celebration of the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will take a new form this year. There will be several service projects held this weekend, and this Monday, Jan. 23, the community is invited to take part in a series of “teach-ins,”  discussion groups led by students, faculty and staff.

The teach-ins are a way of actively participating in the college’s “Day of Learning” to honor King. And it’s an opportunity for Denisonians to ask (and answer) a lot of questions, like, with 50 million Americans in poverty, what would Dr. King say now? How far have we ventured from the beloved community? And why occupy?

Other events that will take place this semester include a student exhibit, “Civil Rights. Human Rights. Our Rights;” a showcase featuring visual art, spoken word and other artistic forms; an event featuring African American dance; and even a special one-credit class created by Visiting Assistant Professor Tina Pierce, “Defying the Distance: Toward Solidarity with the Disinherited,” which culminates in a visit to the new monument to King in Washington, D.C., this spring.

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