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What’s keeping you busy?

‘Tis the season of exams, projects, papers, and presentations. With less than two weeks left in the semester, the library has more traffic—as does the line at Jazzman’s. It’s crunch time on the Hill. And while they’re feeling that end-of-semester pressure, these students took a brief break from all the studying to tell us what’s keeping them busy these days.

Victoria Masney ’13

Major: sociology
Hometown: Vancouver, B.C.
Her to-do list: take one final exam and write three papers—one is a 10-page mini-ethnography on athletes and GPAs for a sociology course

Olivia Davidson ’14

Major: communication and English literature
Hometown: Mason, Ohio
Her to-do list: complete a group project for Women in Literature that looks at how sexual assault information is communicated on campus and write a seven-to-eight-page paper for the same class

Meryl Duff  ’12

Major: sociology/anthropology
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Her to-do list: complete a 40-page senior research paper on Irish gypsies, their use of land, and their relationship with the Irish government; write a research proposal; and write a 40-page group paper on the World Wildlife Fund
Favorite pre-study ritual: cleaning
Favorite post-study ritual: sleeping and watching movies

Melissa Ruiz ’12

Major: education
Hometown: Boston, Mass.
Her to-do list: three art projects, a 10-page paper and presentation for Literacy and Learning; a debate and exam for Infancy and Childhood Development; and a final scene and paper for Acting Realism

Alyssa Swanson ’13

Major: history
Hometown: Aurora, Colo.
Her to-do list: take a quiz and complete lab reports and problem sets for Analytical Chemistry; write a five-page research paper on the Mexican Revolution
Favorite place to study: sixth floor of the library in the stacks

Alfie Wu ’12

Major: sociology/anthropology
Hometown: Chengdu, China
His to-do list: finish grad school applications and work on senior research
Favorite place to study: his room
Favorite pre-study ritual: a good meal and some TV-time

Marissa Ortiz ’12

Major: music and English, creative writing
Hometown: Clarkston, Mich.
Her to-do list: attend concert rehearsals for about two hours every day; sing in four concerts over the next two weeks

Rachel Nin ’12

Major: theatre and English, creative writing
Hometown: Morgan Hill, Calif.
Her to-do list: organize technical rehearsals for “one acts”—12 student-written and student-run plays—and act in one titled “Up to Code”

Amanda DiMartini ’13

Major: communication and theatre
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Her to-do: finish a lighting design project—create a design that would light an entire show—for Directed Study; write a 16-page paper about South Park for a communication course; write a 14- to 18-page paper for a theatre history course; act in an assigned scene with a partner for an acting final; and direct and act in a “one act”
Favorite place to study: her room
Best procrastination tool when writing a paper: Facebook

Rajiv Vavilikolanu ’13

Major: English, creative writing
Hometown: Chicago, Ill.
His to-do list: give a presentation, take a French test, take two exams, and write three papers—25 pages of short stories for Fiction Writing, eight pages for Introduction to Black Studies, and five pages on a book by Edward Spencer for Early British Literature

Eric Fischer ’14

Major: philosophy and international studies
Hometown: Boulder, Colo.
His to-do list: take a couple of tests, write a 2,000-word philosophy paper, and take four final exams—one in each class. The paper? Take a problem in the world, apply a philosophical theory to it, and take a stance
Favorite study spot: Burton Morgan
Favorite pre-study ritual: organize … seems he can’t study if anything is out of place

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Written By: Emily Hopcian ’12
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