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Glory days

Most colleges and universities that are fortunate enough to have experienced some degree of athletic success in their history are proud to tout their “golden era” or “glory days.” They love to harken back to a time when winning streaks were commonplace and championship trophies were plentiful. It’s only natural.

In that way, Denison is no exception. The college’s sports heritage is replete with countless national, regional and conference honors, and the “good old days” are certainly a pride point among the Big Red faithful.

How Denison differs, though, is that there is no need to recall the good old days to find the college’s best successes. When evaluating the college’s broad-based success among its 23 intercollegiate sports programs, the current era is arguably Denison’s “golden era.”

Big Red varsity squads brought home an extraordinary amount of hardware in 2011, including the school’s record-setting 12th NCAC All-Sports Championship Trophy. Under Athletic Director of the Year Larry Scheiderer last spring and newly appointed AD Nan Carney-DeBord ’80 this fall, a number of Denison programs collected prestigious individual and team honors, and others made significant improvements in 2011.

Read more about 2011 — the year that, in the future, will clearly be referred to as “the good old days” — in the year-end sports wrap-up on DenisonBigRed.com.

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