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Bludgers, quaffles, and a snitch

Muggle alert! Quidditch is no longer purely an imaginary game found between the pages of your favorite Harry Potter book. These days it’s also being played on college campuses throughout the world. In fact, 100 teams will participate in next week’s Quidditch World Cup (held in Randall’s Island, N.Y., if you’re a die-hard fan).

This weekend the Denison Death Eaters hosted a friendly tournament with teams from Ashland, Bowling Green, Oberlin, and The Charles School. On a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, local muggles were treated to the sight of broom-riding students tossing quaffles (otherwise known as volleyballs) through hoops, throwing bludgers (dodge balls) at each other, and snatching the snitch (a tennis ball in a yellow tube sock) across the fields near Lamson Lodge.

And while the game may have been a bit confusing for the casual onlooker, the good times the players were having were shared by everyone at the tournament. And who could ask for a better way to spend a magical fall afternoon?

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