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Denison in the Blogosphere (10/6/11)

We’re always hunting down interesting Denison-related content on the interwebs, and, periodically, we share the best of this content with you on TheDEN. In today’s fix of Denisonia, we’re traveling off the Hill and out of the country to catch up with some of the 122 students conducting off-campus study this semester. Read on to learn more about not just their studies, but governments in transition, massive protests for educational equality, and how to carry a big bowl of food while riding on the back of a speeding moped through bumpy, crowded streets. (And stay tuned for another round of blogs from abroad in the coming weeks.)

Life in a post-revolutionary, transitional state

Caitlin Mulrine '13From Sidi Bou Said with Love
International studies/religion double major Caitlin Mulrine ’13 (Newport, Del.) is participating in “Emerging Identities in North Africa,” based in Tunisia—a nation with its own emerging political identity. When she hasn’t been studying women’s organizations and the intersection of tourism and identity or getting a crash course in Arabic, she’s visited the Roman ruins in Carthage and had an up-close (or, shall we say, too-close) encounter with lions and tigers. Stay tuned for Mulrine’s observations of the upcoming Tunisian campaigns and elections—the first since the recent Jasmine revolution.

Lessons in education and equality

Michelle Bartoshuk '13Pura Vida: Travels through a Thin Country
It’s not surprising that Michelle Bartoshuk ’13 (Birmingham, Mich.) elected to spend the semester participating in  “Comparative Education and Social Change” in Chile, where she is witnessing the very topic of her program in action. The educational studies/communication double major and Spanish minor has visited Chilean schools and experienced two large-scale marches for education reform. Bartoshuk has celebrated Chile’s Independence Day, attended a Universidad de Chile soccer game, and hiked in the Andes, and discovered some profound observations of the Chilean culture.

Don’t worry, Mom, I’m fine…

Carly Matas '13Senegal—that’s a city in Europe, right?
Carly Matas ’13 (Kent, Ohio) is in Senegal—ahem, on the west coast of Africa—participating in “Dakar Language and Culture.” A women’s studies/religion double major, Matas is working with children with disabilities, volunteering at an orphanage, and observing the gender dynamics at work in Senegalese society when not studying the “ridiculously cool” Wolof language. Along the way, Matas has witnessed celebrations at the end of Ramadan, discovered the most delicious ice cream ever, and made an adventurous and thirsty trek into Gambia.

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