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We're moving our new stories to Denison.edu, the college's super-sweet mothership. Over time, we'll be moving some of our best past stories from TheDEN over there too. In the meantime, we've made available an archive of all stories here. This archive will be available for a few months before this site is permanently shut down. See you at Denison.edu! - June 2016


A fervent DEN reader

This month, our baby celebrates its very first birthday. To show how time flies, consider this: last August, TheDEN reported on major construction just beginning in earnest at Ebaugh Labs. Last week, we gave you a video tour of the (almost) finished product.

It’s been big fun bringing you the best of what’s happening at Denison and shining a light on some of the amazing people in this extended community—on campus and around the world.

Looking back, these were your five favorite stories of the almost 200 we published last year (based on page views):

The flash mob story, by the way, got more than 12,000 page views, while the video was played 16,000 times. That’s a heckuva lot of sayin’ ah-oh.

Much as we love our off-campus readers (and we do!), our favorite thing is hearing from students that getting featured on TheDEN has become part of their pre-graduation bucket list. And sometimes it’s great to walk through the library or Slayter and see TheDEN up on student laptop screens. From what we hear, it’s a popular study break. (It’s no Angry Birds, but, still.)

And, if you’ll indulge a little horn-tooting, we’re super stoked that others have been taking notice of TheDEN as well. Check out a list of awards that the site has received in its first year of existence:

  • The ADDY Awards sponsored by the American Advertising Federation (Columbus Chapter): Silver medal in Interactive Media, representing the true spirit of creative excellence.
  • The Ohio Interactive Awards: Winner of the Social Web: Blog category, recognizing the state’s top digital and interactive talent.
  • The National Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE): Bronze Circle of Excellence Award in the Individual Sub-Website category, acknowledging superior accomplishments with lasting value.
  • The Telly Awards: Bronze award for the video feature, “Great Wall, Great Music.” This competition received 11,000 entries from all 50 states and five continents.
  • And we just learned TheDEN is a finalist for the Platinum PR Awards in the Online Communications category. We’re up against Chrysler, Siemens and the U.S. Census Bureau, so competition will be fierce, but we’re crazy happy just to be on the short list.

We’re still waiting to hear about some other potential DEN accolades. And we have more good stories up our sleeves, so stay tuned. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? You’ll just have to bookmark TheDEN or subscribe to our feed to find out.

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