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Hey 2015!

If you’re a member of the Class of 2015, chances are you are just about all packed up and ready to head for The Hill. This is big stuff—we can’t wait to see you at Induction on Thursday.

Busy DENsters that we are, we couldn’t resist gathering up a few facts and stats about your class so that the rest of campus can get to know you a little bit, even before you arrive.

  • You were probably born in 1993. (Gentle readers, if you’re members of the Class of 1993, you can groan now. These whippersnappers were actually born the year you graduated from college.)
  • Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) and grunge music ruled the charts in 1993.

    Other things that happened in 1993: Bill Clinton was elected inaugurated; the World Trade Center’s north tower was bombed; Branch Davidian was raided in Waco; there was a big blizzard; Intel shipped P5 Pentium chips; everybody was listening to Whitney Houston’s Bodyguard soundtrack or (not and) Pearl Jam’s Ten; and we all saw Jurassic Park for the first time.

  • A New York marketing firm did research on the national Class of 2015 and determined that you hope to make a positive impact on the world. You value diversity, self-expression, and understated branding. You also are an optimistic bunch. And you text people. A lot.
  • But because of our friends in Admissions, we know even more about our Class of 2015: There are 11 Eagle Scouts among you. 87 are first generation college students. 506 of you graduated from secondary school with academic honors, and 325 held down a part time job while in school. 19 of you were class presidents. 75 worked on a student newspaper, and 585 were involved in athletics in some way.
  • And we know you picked a great college. Welcome aboard, 2015. Check back later this week for more about YOU on TheDEN.
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