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Bringing science to the light

So you want to jump inside the middle of a virtual molecule? We’ve got that. It’s immersive learning technology, and it’s just one element of what’s happening in Ebaugh Labs, where everything old is brand spanking new again. And it’s set to open with the start of classes this fall.

On a campus where the new buildings are pretty stellar and the historic beauties are too, Ebaugh was primed for a total do-over. Recent alumni probably remember the old home of chemistry and biochemistry as being kind of cave-like. (We hear its basement was a favorite for cinema students’ horror film productions.)

No more. This week, we got a sneek peek tour of the new digs with Sonya McKay, associate professor of chemistry and project shepherd for this $14.5 million addition and renovation.

“We’re setting a benchmark for other colleges,” McKay said. “Ebaugh is the intersection of architecture and education. Everything is designed to inspire.”

Besides the smart, sustainable construction and its sheer beauty, complete with wide-window views and vistas, the new Ebaugh is built for creativity, collaboration, technology, and research, setting the stage for whole new definitions of “activated complex” and “addition reaction.”

“We’re very excited. This is bringing science to the light,” she said.

To see what we mean, check out the video. And come back for more on TheDEN in October, when the dedication ceremony will give us another chance to celebrate this latest example of science done oh-so right at Denison.

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