The good grub in Granville

Earlier this year, TheDEN reported that two classic Broadway restaurants, the Aladdin and Victoria’s Parlour, were closing for business. But that doesn’t mean students, villagers, and visitors have gone hungry. On the contrary, from breakfast to dinner, the Granville scene now offers a larger selection of cuisines than ever before.

If it’s Mexican comida you’re craving, the recently opened Day Y Noche is offering a reasonably priced menu of comida deliciosa. Having taken over Victoria’s old space and repainted in a spicy palette of purples, oranges, and yellows, this is the place to get anything from the Fiesto Nachos to the fish tacos, a full-to-bursting burrito or a chimichanga.

For la dolce vita, Bella is the new Italian place in town, taking over the role that was previously filled by the tapas restaurant Nona and, in an earlier generation, Brew’s. With a boast of “Italian Comfort Food,” Bella is delightfully decorated with sunny walls, bright tablecloths, and just the right amount of kitsch. Classic pastas, salads, and pizzas never disappoint.

The list goes on. Dragon Village, which opened several months ago, provides never-fail Chinese food in portions large enough to cover lunch and dinner. The ever-popular Brew’s Cafe and the Broadway Pub are still here, serving up better-than-average American bar food just like they always have. Of course, the Granville Inn and the Buxton Inn still balance the other end of the street with fine dining. And amid it all, the Aladdin has once again opened under new management with a new-and-improved menu that still features the legendary Yum-Yum cake.

And as for dessert? The line outside Whit’s Frozen Custard has never been longer.

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