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The things they’ll carry

Mark Heckmann '11 leaves behind 50 thank-you notes

We officially said goodbye to the Class of 2011 last Sunday during Denison’s 170th Commencement. The ceremony ended just before 3:30 p.m., and by 7:00, most of the new graduates had packed up their cars and headed out into the world.

We asked them what they were taking with them from their four years on the hill, and what they were leaving behind.

Madeleine Gomez ’11

  1. My roommates and I have a multi-colored dragon painting created by one of the freshman orientation groups a few years ago. It’s from the Higley lounge we have studied in for years. We begged the First-Year Office for the painting, and it has been behind our kitchen table all year.
  2. I’m leaving behind the SHARE [Sexual Harassment and Rape Education] program, and it’s bittersweet. It now has a real presence on campus and strong support from the administration, so I am leaving it in good hands, but it’s sad because I spent two full years building it up and revitalizing the way it is run.

Elizabeth Milo ’11

  1. I am taking my Denison sweatshirt with me. It’s over-sized, and it’s been to England and shared with others. It carries a lot of memories … in between all the spills and stains on it.
  2. I’m sad to leave DITA [Denison Independent Theatre Association], because I have loved leading and participating in it.  I wish I could stay and participate in DITA forever.

Anna Klatt ’11

  1. I have a number of art projects that are meaningful for me.  I believe it is important to have something tangible from your education so that you can show others what you have learned.
  2. I will be leaving behind the Denison community …  and the latte w/ whipped cream I got every day at Jazzman’s.

Mark Heckmann ’11

  1. I will be taking a watch the women’s volleyball team picked out for me. It symbolizes my deep connection to the team and the fact that they will be with me wherever I go.
  2. I will be leaving behind 50 thank you notes. I should actually be writing thousands. There have been so many people here who have had a major impact on my Denison career, and I will continue to write as many cards as I can.

Amy Lyon ’11

  1. I will be taking my red and white tassel that I received at the Class of 2011 Induction Ceremony. It actually did stay attached to my bulletin board for all four years. It will stay with me after Denison because of the meaning behind it, and because it shows what I accomplished here.
  2. I will be leaving behind two buildings:  Beth Eden and the Kappa Kappa Gamma House. I really loved meeting prospective students as a tour guide, and the Kappa house was literally my home away from home.

Brendan Sullivan ’11

  1. I have kept my Denison swim suit ever since freshman year, because swimming was one of the major reasons I came to Denison. After enjoying my time as a swimmer during my first year, I was cut from the team, a decision which at the time was devastating.  However, being cut allowed me to be a part of new enterprises on campus.  That swim suit reminds me of how hard I worked both in the pool and out, and it reminds me that a great experience can come about from unexpected sources.
  2. I am leaving behind the book Complications for my chapter of Beta Theta Pi’s library. A copy of the book was given to me by a doctor, with whom I worked through the Denison Internship Program. The book is a reminder of how important the medical field is to me, but how much of a struggle it is to get to the end goal of me becoming a doctor.  It is my hope that future pre-med Denisonians accept the challenges that come with that journey.

Rachel Mattingly ’11

  1. I’m taking items from my semester abroad in Thailand
  2. I’m leaving behind a Charlie Brown stripe on one of the concrete benches on the Davis Plaza. I was helping with an outdoor theatre production taking place at Davis Plaza that began around dusk. I was in charge of the metal bowls filled with burning wood that provided lighting as it got dark. One was placed a bit too close to one of the concrete benches, and part of the bench actually fell off from underneath as a result of the heat. A couple of friends and I were able to repair the bench with some glue, but a tell-tale crack still remains.
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