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Talk about eating local

Manny Horsford '13, Anna Farrell '13, and Nicki Jimenez '12 dig a permanent home outside Curtis Hall for one of the cherry trees planted on Monday. Matt Dunn, marketing manager for Sodexo, and Jeremy King, Denison’s sustainability coordinator, provided the trees, a couple of shovels, and some digging assistance.

Mother Nature seems to have a tough time when it comes to making up her mind in April and May. One Ohio morning can be cool and crisp and reminiscent of fall, while the next can start with sunshine and warm, humid breezes. For those of us who live here, it can be difficult to pinpoint spring’s arrival.

Next year, that shouldn’t be so hard. Even if Mother Nature is indecisive, the folks on Denison’s campus will have a clear indicator of spring’s annual debut: cherry blossoms. Okay, the campus isn’t likely to be confused with D.C.’s National Mall next spring—but the distinct pink flowers on these new dining hall trees, just planted outside of Curtis and Huffman, will send the unmistakable message that days for wearing flip-flops and tank tops aren’t far away.

Planting the trees was an idea hatched by students and carried out by Sodexo, the company that provides dining services for campus. The plan is to add fruit trees outside the dining halls so students can literally pick a snack on their way to class or on their way to a bigger meal inside the buildings.

While the trees will offer their telltale pink flowers immediately, it’ll still be a year or two before they bear their flavorful fruit.

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