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CNN coverage of global events includes Denison’s East Quad

Denison students rally on the college's East Quad Sunday night.

College students around the country reacted overnight to the breaking news coming out of Pakistan. Denison’s students were no exception, with several hundred gathering on the East Quad, as reported on CNN.

“Everyone was united and celebrating our country, regardless of their political affiliation,” says Colleen Russo ’12, who sent images to CNN’s iReport and was then interviewed by a CNN staff reporter for a follow-up story titled, “Students rejoice at colleges across the U.S.” Along with Denison, that story featured students’ reactions from Yale, Vanderbilt, West Virginia and Illinois State.

“Although the majority of undergrads were just elementary school students when the September 11 attacks occurred, it seems the significance of bin Laden’s death is not lost upon them,” the CNN story says.

Of Russo, CNN said, “The 21-year-old psychology major explained that she grew up knowing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

In fact, as an 11-year-old child, Russo was was quoted on the front page of Sept. 12, 2001, edition of The Daily Iowan, “I never thought something like that would happen. I thought all the wars were over, and people wouldn’t do that stuff anymore.”

“This was not about celebrating his death, but about honoring the victims of 9/11,” says Russo now. “I told the reporter at CNN, today I felt some closure of the innocence I lost almost 10 years ago.”

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Photo Credits: Colleen Russo '12, CNN

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