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A moment to look back … and celebrate

In late April, the Class of 2011 Posse scholars gathered with friends, faculty, and representatives from the Posse Foundation for the annual Posse Scholars Senior Recognition Ceremony.

The event allows faculty members and students to reflect on the scholars’ time at Denison—everything from the moment Steve Flores ’11, an economics major from Boston, found out he had received the prestigious Posse Scholarship; to the tragedy of losing fellow Posse Scholar Maria Toledano ’11 in an automobile accident while traveling during her first year; to the joy of creating four years of experience and memories that they’ll take with them into the world.

To reinforce the program’s continuity and its spirit of community, members of next fall’s first-year Posse class from Chicago and Boston also were in attendance at the celebration.

President Dale Knobel might have summed up the Posse program best when quoting from a plaque outside his office window: “The pursuit of truth will flourish more abundantly in the company of good friends.”

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