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Michael Scott takes a bow

After seven seasons, the “World’s Best Boss” is cleaning out his desk and leaving Scranton.

Last year, Steve Carell ’84—who plays Michael Scott on the TV comedy series The Office—announced that this season would be his last as the incompetent yet loyal—and sometimes loveable—Dunder Mifflin manager.  And now, it’s come down to his final episode.

But before tonight’s farewell, test your knowledge of Michael throughout the years with this quiz. (Scroll to the bottom for the answers.)

1. Who was Michael’s first relationship with on The Office?
a. Holly Flax
b. Jan Levenson
c. Carol Stills
d. Helene Beesly

2. In “Diversity Day,” Michael claims to be 2/15 what?
a. Irish
b. German
c. Scottish
d. Native American

3. Who is Michael’s least favorite employee?
a. Toby Flenderson
b. Meredith Palmer
c. Stanley Hudson
d. Dwight Schrute

4. Who bought Michael his “World’s Best Boss” mug?
a. Andy Bernard
b. Himself
c. Dwight Schrute
d. Jim Halpert

5.  Michael tries to get Toby Flenderson fired by framing him for possession of marijuana.  What does he use?
a. Marijuana
b. Tea leaves
c. Catnip
d. Caprese Salad

6. Michael was a child star on a show called Fundle Bundle.  On it, he said he wanted to have 100 kids.  Why?
a. To be a dad
b. To have a family
c. To have 100 friends
d. To sell

Want more Steve? Take a trip back to 2005 in this Denison Magazine feature, when The Office had just finished its first season and Carell was riding a wave of 40-Year Old Virgin fame.

Or, see how Carell reconnected with his comedic roots, right here on the hill, at the 30th-anniversary reunion of The Burpee’s Seedy Theatrical Company.






Answers: b, d, a, b, d, c

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Written By: Emily Hopcian '12

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