‘Late Show’ with Denison

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David Letterman’s had a big dose of Big Red lately, and we think he likes it.

Tuesday night, Jennifer Garner ’94 joined Letterman to promote her new movie Arthur. In a segment about her college days at Denison, she told Dave about a business she and fellow “theatre geek” roommate Lynn Repasky started, making “scrunchies” (hair ties, for the uninitiated) in Ace Morgan and selling them door-to-door in the res halls, “one for $3, two for $5.”

“I still run into people who say, ‘Oh my gosh, I have your scrunchy!’ ” she said.

Letterman told Garner he knows others who graduated from Denison, like his racing partner, Bobby Rahal ’75.

Of course, Letterman also knows this guy, who dared to show off his yearbook photo on Late Night last July.

Oh, and Jen? Thanks for the shout-out on the men’s swimming and diving team’s national championship win. The elastic thing is totally forgiven.

[Note: Garner starts talking Denison around the 5:00-minute mark of the video clip]

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