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Caterpillar found in library divvied up and eaten

Every year on April 1, Doane Library hosts Books To Eat, and we all start thinking about books in a whole new way.

At the heart of the festival is a friendly competition, in which contestants from campus and from Granville recreate a book—or scene, character, or concept from a book—that’s completely edible. And we’re not talking about just baking a square cake with the words “War and Peace” scribbled on it. Nah. That would be too easy.

Over the years, Best of Show winners have included a tribute to Farewell to Arms (an octopus cake with disembodied arms made of licorice) and a nod to An Obsession with Butterflies (cupcakes topped with handcrafted—and tasty—butterflies).

This year, our clever, clever bookworms have done it again.  Here are the winners:

Most Hilarious went to Pam Magelaner, a circulation supervisor in the library, for her interpretation of The Plague of Doves, which was, quite simply, a pile of Dove chocolates.

Most Bookish was a two-part entry by Rana Odeh: a filo version of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer coupled with a scene from the book recreated on a giant sugar cookie.

Best Presentation went to Karen Murray for Morris Goes to School. Her tasty treat was made of cake, butter cream icing, and delightful little folks sculpted in fondant.

Most Creative went to the team of Danielle and Caroline Comisford and Becky Woods, academic assistant to the History Department, for their cupcake caterpillar representing A Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Best in Show went to Mark Anthony Arceño, a program manager in multicultural affairs, who worked on his creation until the wee hours of the morning—a cake covered in fondant and hand painted to look exactly like the cover of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The best part of the whole event? After the winners were announced, contestants and audience members got to chow down on the submissions. Books never tasted so good.

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