You think our hill is steep?

Frederick Devin Talbot ’09, atop Mount Kilimanjaro

The view from atop Mount Kilimanjaro is gorgeous, and, hey, so is that sweatshirt.

Frederick Devin Talbot ’09 made the big hike in Tanzania in February, while taking a bit of vacation from his gig teaching English in the French public school system. Just in the last year, he’s worked at three different high schools in France, including a hotel management school that specializes in French cuisine.

“I work with a French wine and cheese specialist,” he writes, “preparing students to take the Baccalaureate and work in 4- and 5-star restaurants as French wine sommeliers and chefs.”

The next stop for Talbot is Lansing. This fall, the economics major will start an MBA degree at Michigan State. After that, he has his sights set on working for an international company where he can use his skills in French and Spanish.

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