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Homestead roots on ‘Portlandia’ farm

Carrie Brownstein, Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen in ‘Portlandia’ (Photo by Scott Green/IFC)

Three Homestead alumni have been out in Oregon, just going about their business, and now their chickens are getting face time on cable TV.

Eric Campbell, Nolan Calisch, and Chris Seigel, all class of 2006, are the founders of Wealth Underground Farm, a small but mighty community-supported agriculture operation in Portland.

Last summer, Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisan and former Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein spent some time on the farm filming their new sketch comedy, Portlandia, now airing on IFC.

According to oregonlive.com, Campbell, Calisch and Seigel watched the filming up-close—when they weren’t busy tending a vegetable patch—and some of the farm’s chickens even made cameo appearances.

The show is a bit of a spoof about Portland’s uber-green identity, and the Wealth Underground trio are fine with that. “It’s not making fun of all this in a malicious way,” Seigel said in the article. “To be able to laugh at yourself is very important.”

The Homestead residents in 2006. Front row, from left: Steve Koebel ’07, Christopher Nelson ’08, Nolan Calisch ’06, Tom Seiter ’08, and Jameson Pfeil ’08. Back row: Eric Campbell ’06, Zach Thomas ’07, Chris Hersberger ’06, Chris Seigel ’06, Kate Johnson ’06, Terry Bratton ’07, and David Strong ’06

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