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Heeere’s Mona!

Johnny Carson fans, take note: once upon a time—Dec. 15, 1966, to be exact, a talented Denison alumna cracked up The King of Late Night, and we’ve got the video to prove it.

Actress and voice-over artist Mona Abboud ’58 took a seat on Carson’s iconic stage 44 years ago today, singing an irreverent holiday song called “Pretty Little Dolly.”

Her performance was so endearingly funny that radio stations still play the song this time of year. And Carson’s reaction to Mona was absolutely classic, so the new website johnnycarson.com recently chose this clip—from all the full-out hilarity at its disposal—to advertise the site.

Chicago’s Daily Herald catches up with Mona and tells the behind-the-scenes details of her Carson appearance. And as for the video, well, this just might be your favorite four minutes of the day.

(Ed. note: When you click on the Daily Herald link, there is a chance the page will not load properly, due to a known bug on the Daily Herald side. If that happens, hit <Refresh> in your browser to reload the page. If that fails, clear your browser cache, or try to access the page in another browser. The Daily Herald is working to fix the issue.)

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