From East to Higley

Erin Copple Smith originally came to Denison back in 2000 as a first-year student who was determined to have the whole liberal arts experience, taking advantage of every moment, and she did.

From academia, to theatre production, to sorority life, to hanging out with her residence hall mates in East, there were very few quiet moments during Smith’s time on the Hill. She graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts in communication and a profound interest in dissecting the world’s media-saturated landscape.

Now, she’s back. Smith is a doctoral candidate in media & cultural studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has returned to Denison as a visiting instructor in the Department of Communication.

So these days, she hangs out in Higley Hall , teaching two courses—Introduction to Media Literacy and Media Structures—and working to create connections between and among ideas and people, and giving it everything she’s got.

In other words, same as she ever was.

Welcome back, Erin.

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