Venerable Vail

Vail Artists Mark O’Connor, Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent

The Vail Series’ 31st season kicks off with a virtuoso jam. Mark O’Connor (with his quartet) and the Dailey & Vincent bluegrass band will hit the Swasey Chapel stage at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 29.

The New York Times called O’Connor “the only musician today who can reach so deeply first into the refined, then the vernacular, giving his listeners complex, sophisticated… classical music… and the brown-dirt whine of a Texas Fiddle.”

Together with the superlative and authentic Dailey & Vincent bluegrass band, which has been named the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year — twice!

This is American music at its finest, with strings, harmonies, and the flat-out joy of making music.

Tickets are free (unbelievably enough) for students, faculty and staff. If available, they are $15 for the general public. Call 740-587-6557 for information.

And check out Vail’s new website, especially the “Look Back” section. Much fun.

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