Slow down, you move too fast

Fall semester is ramped up and moving fast. You have an exam on Thursday, two papers due Friday, and there’s a meeting tonight for that club you joined. Whew.

But, wait. Take a cue from the East: walk slowly, take a breath, have a look around. Maybe even grab a couple hours of meditative calm at the 1,800-acre Dawes Arboretum, just 14 miles from Denison. Over the weekend, three professors and a dozen students from the Language and Culture Program in Preston House toured the Japanese Garden and Bonsai Collection there with the curator, Keith Stevens. They soaked up the scenery, learned a lot, marveled at 100 small-but-mighty Bonsai plants, had some laughs, and strolled softly on stepping stones across a reflecting pool. Afterward they even enjoyed a Japanese lunch.

That’s a good day.

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